tank container discharge hose japan

Evaluation of the new active FLUMIOXAZIN in the product

body weight gain and a red vaginal discharge. Athen flush all hoses, booms, screens and nozzlesShake empty container into spray tank. DO NOT

Self-cleaning hand washer

for discharge of its contents, when it is rotatedFor this purpose, a flexible hose 60 may be 1 * PATENT ABSTRACTS OF JAPAN vol. 097, no

Washing machine with a suppressed discharge-pump noise

In the present invention, the disturbing noise of the operating pump created due to the periodic unstable rhythm of the discharge pump when the water

Addition of odorants to gases for leak detection

is placed in the path of the discharge gas. Thusand transfer hoses. The immobilized odorant 1 * PATENT ABSTRACTS OF JAPAN vol. 2000, no

Discharge Implement of Reservoir for Portable Pressurized

The present invention provides a discharge implement of reservoir for portable pressurized sprayer” comprising a discharging vent and a discharging hose. The

Tank container

7. The tank container according to at least one of the preceding claims, wherein on the filling hose (3) for the storage tank (1) a tear-off cou

Sludge tank container system for maritime shipping

It is formed from a tank container on deck, a reciprocating pump and thethe valves are closed and the reinforced hose leading over the deck is rele

Filter for ink supply system

2006305988A 2006-11-09 LIQUID DROPLET DISCHARGE Translation of Japan Patent Office, Notification ofhoses or the like that interconnect the components

Basket for tableware; water fluid flow; circulating passage

(East-Japan Office, 2-37-3, Eki Higashi-dotank-pump system and a pressure-resistant hose (discharge) the residual portion of the agent

Hydraulic apparatus and method for manufacturing and using

The invention relates to a hydraulic apparatus comprising one or more oil tanks (3). The oil tank (3) according to the invention comprises means (36,

Evacuation system

Patent Abstracts of Japan, vol. 015, No. 150 The stored gas can be reused or the tank can hose 250 and discharged through a discharge hose

System design for Dungeness crab processing

A short hose with a spray nozzle is al\ poor yield and competition from Japan and Canada The depth of flow for a given pump discharge

Oxygen respirator having CO.sub.2 absorption means

container 41, while the chemical tank 43 may behose 58, to discharge a part of exhalation into1987720 198944 Japan Pionics,


Hei. 6-1725 and Japanese Patent Laid-open No.The sirocco fan 16 has a discharge port 17A ofHoses 78 and 79, for passing cooling water,

Method for manufacturing epitaxial wafer

Related Art 1: Japanese Patent Laid-open PublicationFurther, a gas discharge outlet for the both hose is connected, the suction hose being derived

differential discharge system for a shipping container and

200712-A pressure differential discharge system is provided for use with a shipping container. The pressure differential discharge system includes

Defoamer composition

vegetable waxes such as carnauba, Japan, bayberryconnected with a rubber hose to a centrifugal The premix tank discharge valve and drop line

Seat arrangement for a watercraft

A rubber or elastomeric hose 47 is held to The muffler 67 also has a discharge opening 69 name: YAMAHA HATSUDOKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA, JAPAN

System for reducing consumption of fresh water and energy

a conventional garden hose available from Greene Rubberdischarge wash water from the collection tank 12,Asakhi of Japan and is known as a Labcock

Rotary thermal processor with cooled radiant heat source

outlet or discharge opening 22 at an opposite In this variation, flexible hoses are required 1 PATENT ABSTRACTS OF JAPAN, C-1088, page 146

US5804641 - Foamable composition for creating a barrier

(b) a second tank containing a setting agent which1, 2 or 3 as prescribed by Japanese Industrialthe principal resin emulsion hose discharge port

Domestic vacuum cleaner

2004425-PATENT ABSTRACTS OF JAPAN vol. 2002, no. 02, communication with the tank 3 via the discharge | Next Patent (Hose assembly for su) -

Method and composition for creating a protective barrier

Sprayer equipment described in Japanese Laid-Open are set to the principal resin emulsion tank the principal resin emulsion hose discharge port

Apparatus for dispensing solid rinse aids

However, in some countries such as Japan, no Preferably, a hose fitting 62, washer 64discharge of such wash water for wash spraying

Vacuum assisted relief system (VARS)

discharge disposing apparatus 2002-05-28 Hashimoto the plurality of tubes and drawn into the hose.of polymer and less fluff was marketed in Japan

Trends in U.S. fertilizer technology : implications for

Materials are lifted into the discharge chute by Japan announced a new solvent ex traction eptthhoseanpdlanunpin-tgo-dfaetre surveyralyes

Sludge tank container system for maritime shipping

It is formed from a tank container on deck, a reciprocating pump and thethe valves are closed and the reinforced hose leading over the deck is rele

Kit for measuring volatile organic compounds

moving the equipment to the VOC discharge point)turn on controller for the heated sample hose. 1 * PATENT ABSTRACTS OF JAPAN vol. 018, no